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>Human Immune System Reconstruction Model and Efficacy Evaluation


Fig 1. Hematopoietic system of humanized B-NDG mice using human CD34+ cells for transplantation. After irradiation and intravenous injection, the changes for the survival rate (A) and weight (n=5) (B) of the B-NDG mice are shown. Our results suggest that reconstruction via CD34+ transplantation prolongs the life-span of irradiated B-NDG mice.


Fig 2. High-engraftment efficiency of human CD34+ cells in B-NDG mice. The rate of human CD45+ cells was examined sequentially at the times shown after transplantation of 2x105 CD34+ cells into B-NDG mice.


Fig 3. Representative flow cytometric analysis of PBMCs from mice 6 weeks after undergoing transplantation with human CD34+ cells. B-NDG mice show a significantly higher percentage of human CD45+ cells and of multi-lineage cells, including CD3+ T cells. Our results suggest that the ratio of B, NK and mainly T cells in reconstituted mice increased, and there were no humanized cells present in the control group (no injection of CD34+ cells; data not shown).


Fig 4. Humanized B-NDG mice reconstituted with human CD34+ cells were i.v. injected with 5x105 Raji-Fluc cells. Mice were treated with human PD-1 antibody 5 days after Raji-Fluc cell implantation. A dramatic inhibitory effect of human PD-1 mAb on tumor cell growth was observed at day 7.

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