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>The Mouse Model and Efficacy Evaluation of Immunological Checkpoint

Gene description

CD27 is a TNF receptor super family member. It is expressed on the surface of T and B cells, and its  binding with CD70 provides a co-stimulatory signal for T and B cell proliferation and for B cells producing immunoglobulins. Treating mice with a CD27 agonist antibody effectively enhanced the antitumor immune response for lymphoma and B16  melanoma, providing putative targets for tumor immunotherapy.

Human CD27 mAb efficacy evaluation (MC38 cell line)


Fig 1. Murinecolon cancer MC38 cells were subcutaneously implanted into heterozygous B-hCD27 mice. Mice were divided into control and treatment groups (n=5) when the tumor size was approximately 100 mm3. Anti-hCD27 antibody significantly inhibited tumor growth in heterozygous B-hCD27 mice, suggesting that the B-hCD27 mouse model is an effective tool for in vivo hCD27 antibody efficacy studies. (A) Tumor average volume ± SEM, (B) Mice average weight ± SEM.

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