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Conventional Knockout Mouse Model
A conventional knockout mouse model is constructed when the targeted gene is globally eliminated. The targeted exon (s) is replaced with a positive selection marker (Neo in most cases) that inactivates the gene.
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Knockin Mouse Model
Knockin mouse models introduce mutant or exogenous gene (s) into a specific locus on the mouse genome to mimic genetic diseases or monitorgene expression with reporter genes (e.g. EGFP, mRFP, mCherry, YFP, LacZ, Flag, etc.).
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Conditional Knockout Mouse Model
A conditional Knockout (cKO) is usually generated through the Cre-LoxP/Flp-Frtrecombination systems. The candidate fragment that will be knocked out is flanked by LoxP or Frtelements.
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Rosa26 Locus Gene Knockin Mouse Model
The traditional transgenic mouse models are usually constructed via pronuclear injection of plasmid, and many different founders can be obtained.
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Humanized Mouse Model
A humanized mouse model means that the mouse model possesses a functional human gene, cell or tissue. Such models are generally used as the living body substitutes for in vivo studies of human diseases.
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