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Biocytogen showcases innovative gene-editing strategies at Experimental Biolo

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BiocytogenTM Gene Targeting Services participated at the Experimental Biology (EB) 2018 meeting in San Diego, CA, April 22-24. This conference was comprised of more than 14,000 attendees from academic, industry and government sectors, and covered topics and advances in anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology, investigative pathology, pharmacology, and physiology. We were excited to learn about the projects and interests of booth attendees and are proud to bring forward a “CRISPR” gene-editing mindset with our Extreme Genome Editing (EGE®) service platform.


From left to right: Prof. Orestes Quesada-González (Molecular Science Research Center, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras), Dr. Amalia Ávila Figueroa (Biocytogen USA) and Prof. José A. Lasalde-Dominicci (Vice President for Research and Technology, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras) converge at Biocytogen’s booth on April 22nd, 2018. Dr. Ávila-Figueroa is an alumnus of UPR Río Piedras, and was excited to learn about the research advances and progress made in Puerto Rico´s premier research university, which was recently devastated by Hurricane María.

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